Monday, July 26, 2010

Dober-puppy video

The moment we chose our puppy

and the story I botched - Seti Did not have my mom's dog in the corner. Seti was scolded by him and learned to not bite a tail again

Sunday, July 25, 2010

SETI and her monkey

So Seti doesn't feel left out - here she is helping me garden this afternoon

Seti's getting jealous - any ideas on how to make her feel better about the incoming merger?

our puppy's father

His name is Capone, going for his points still - in progress.
I love his back and face!!!

Puppy chosen!! - need a name

 Here's our new girl.................

Ben really made the choice.... you know how your gut knows what the right thing is to do -  but your heart and head are a pain in the ass...??  well yes, that was the case  - definitely.
but my Gut and Ben's brain are aligned    - same way i felt about him - all probably a good thing
 So names.........
WHAT TO NAME HER??? - of course, we have Seti, and being a science and art teacher, a science name would be ideal....  but here's what's on the list:
•  Cern
•  Velocity
•  ZuZu
•  Darcone
•  Eclipse
•  Laika
•  Celeste