Thursday, June 17, 2010

Our Baby was born today!!


well - we don't know yet!



 - First dog in outerspace!!!  - and paved the way for the rest of us


Darcone  (*misheard the Lyric talking about "Dog Clone" - and Ben loves it)

A litter of 3 girls (all girls) was born this morning, and Terri called me and let me know.
I am a ball of joy.
they are coming from Kings Ransom Dobermans!!   Which is where we got our Lovely Seti from 6+ years ago.  You can see her in the Testimonial's Section.  Here you can see what a goofball she is.  All the other dobermans  - strong, smart
After 5 different rescue groups, daily searches on Pet Finder,  Animal Shelter, and everything else...
 we are very happy to say that the end is in reach.  We've been thinking and talking about this since Christmas - too bad we couldn't have grabbed one of those little guys (*below) - but we needed time to find the right thing

the little noodle will look something like this:

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  1. I myself have two male AKC Dobermans that i need to place, one Blue/Rust and one Black/Rust they have had two sets of shots and several rounds of wormer, come with AKC papers, Kennel health records, and a free 5 generation pedigree !