Saturday, January 7, 2012

LOVE LOVE LOVE all dogs! My collections of Great dogs

DOGS DOGS DOGS!!  I love 'em all.  big n' small.    and my next "cat" will be a Japanese Chin - outside of all the cats i find outside my house, that I feed for months, and threaten to take in until i get help finding them homes. i got 2 of the world's best kitties, so I'm good.... but the rest of you... you need one.  yes you do...

soooooooooo..... if Dobermans become extinct... or i just go back to my roots (was raised with Afghans) - I will go to the source.   the AZAWAKH!

I fell in love with this breed - so i nerded it up on FB
Abbi A. Allan BTW - all dogs are wolves. they can all interbreed. basically, if you - ..wellllll... those Germans and their genetics.... BUT - their study on Foxes - is pretty amazing. The deal with domestication is different colors & floppy ears = only difference. Hormones = colors & ears. The only "dog" that is the oldest - I met today, and might be my next dog. a 10,000 - 9000 year old breed (aka - as long as the Homo sapiens has been around) you don't have cats, you don't let people in your house who don't knock... and if you like to eat bunnies, deer.... camels .... whatever... great & otherwise, sweetest darlings ever. a trainable hound!!!! zero genetic diseases or illnesses, because in the other parts of the world, their dogs still have an 'evolutionary process" now - I'm not a fan, but the ones that aren't healthy get taken and tied to a tree for "Allah" / circle of life / Jesus / nature - what ever to take... but because of that - selected for health, companionship. hunting skills, ability to get along in a pack (human and dog).... agility, speed, obedience... boom. when it comes to utility, there are few breeds out there that cut even a muffin.... but jack / fox / rat terriers do an amazing job, German Sheps and Border Collies... brilliant.. Did i mention I learned a lot about dogs today? Nerd it up!
Morphology is very similar to that of the Middle Eastern and South Indian sight hounds, all swift, high-bred coursing hounds, although there are several obvious differences. For example, a short, flat back combined with long legs place the hips higher than the withers. The Azawakh is almond eyed and...



but of course  - mine are the best  :)   just as yours is of any doggie breed.  :) 

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